Diagnosis of your vein problem

Dr. Beaupré with a patient Evaluation room - vein clinic

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How are varicose vein problems diagnosed?

You think you might have varicose vein problems? Pain, burning sensation in the legs, numbness, heaviness, and fatigue are all symptoms to look out for. To determine whether your varicose veins need to be treated, a proper diagnosis must be issued by a professional.
Covered under O.H.I.P. (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) – R.A.M.Q.(Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec)

How is the diagnosis of varicose vein problem handled?

Your case history contains your medical, surgical and allergic reaction history, with special consideration for possible blood clots in the vessels or thrombophlebitis.

We also look into your family history of varicose veins or phlebitis, as genetics are being a cause of varicose veins. Each patient is submitted to a full case history review that includes family and personal medical history.


A Doppler Ultrasound test is used to diagnose vein problems. The test finds and assesses both deep and superficial veins in order to diagnose phlebitis, i.e. blood clots, and the level of venous insufficiency.

This accurate test uses cutting-edge technology to measure the size of dilated vessels, and to hear, view, and quantify blood flow in incompetent valves.

Whatever your varicose vein problem, we are able to define it and find the most appropriate treatment.

An accurate diagnosis based on a full examination

Patients are fully informed of the extent of the treatment. A full clinical and technical examination (Doppler or duplex ultrasound) is performed, and, based on the findings of this examination, the physician will recommend, and implement, a specific course of varicose vein treatment. Each case is unique, and each patient is important.

Whether you are experiencing leg pain, fatigue or any other symptom, the sooner we determine the cause of your pain, the sooner we can relieve it.

Maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction is our main purpose. There is no greater reward than seeing happier patients because their legs look and feel better!