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Dr Lucie Beaupré

For over 30 years the Ottawa leader
in the treatment of varicose veins

Treatment of all your varicies

Very large, tiny and face couperoses

The Ottawa's valley

most experienced team

The first clinic in Ontario since 1997 to offer ultrasound-guided

treatment of large varicies

Personalized evaluation

covered under O.H.I.P. or R.A.M.Q

No need for surgery

Get rid of your large varicies by ultrasound guided foam injections

Sclerotherapy Ultrasound-guided foam injection

“ I followed treatments for varicose veins with Dr. Beaupre and I am very very satisfied, the result is incredible! ”

Lisette (Clerk)
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Dr. Lucie Beaupré specialized in sclerotherapy in 1978 - in the methods used by the French and European schools of phlebology (vein disease).