Dr. Beaupré vein/varices clinique

  • Treatment of varicose vein

    Treatment of all your varices

    Very large, tiny and face couperoses

  • Vein clinic - ottawa area

    The Ottawa's valley

    most experienced team

  • Processing Doppler Ultrasound treatment

    The first clinic in Ontario since 1997 to offer ultrasound-guided

    treatment of large varicies

  • Evaluation of varicose veins

    Personalized evaluation

    covered under O.H.I.P. or R.A.M.Q

  • Treatment without surgery - varicose veins

    No need for surgery

    Get rid of your large varicies by ultrasound guided foam injections

After my own experience, it has not been unknown for people to stop me in the grocery store and want to see my legs.